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SPC Group will continue to bask in love from people around the world by pursuing health and happiness.

from 2014
Global SPC

SPC Group has grown rapidly in Korea and has solidified its
international status as a global No. 1 bakery company by operating
more than 400 stores in China, the United States, France, Vietnam, and Singapore.
In addition, we are striving to make our society healthier and happier by fulfilling
our social responsibilities and cooperating with stakeholders such as franchisees and suppliers.
We will continue to lead a healthy food culture and grow into a Great Food Company
loved by consumers around the world.

  • May 2014First business in South Korea to introduce French raw wheat.
  • Jun. 201430th anniversary of B-R Korea.
  • Jul. 2014‘Samlip GFS’ launches as a food distribution company.
  • Jul. 2014‘SPC Square’ opens as a complex for dining and other cultural activities.
  • Jul. 2014Paris Baguette advances into Paris, France (1st store in Chalet).MORE VIEW
  • May 2015Selected as a food and beverage business operator for the 3rd term at Incheon International Airport.
  • Mar. 2015Samlip Food included among 100 Best Companies for Job Creation in 2014 by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
  • Jul. 2015Paris Baguette opens its 2nd store in France (Opera Store).
  • Oct. 2015Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the group and the declaration of Vision 2030.
  • Dec. 2015Paris Baguette opens its 200th store worldwide (Lingyun Gwangchang Store, China)
  • Feb. 2016Opens the regular course of National Institute Of La Bakery (Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie; INBP).
  • Apr. 2016The first in the food industry to discover and commercialize (as a product) native yeast for baking (SPC-SNU 70-1).MORE VIEW
  • Apr. 2016Paris Baguette goes full steam with its U.S. franchise business (with Hostetter store).
  • Jul. 2016‘Shake Shack’ launched in Korea (the first store in Gangnam).MORE VIEW
  • Oct. 2016Paris Croissant’s 30th anniversary.
  • Oct. 2016Samlip Food changes the company name to ‘SPC Samlip’ and discloses its new CI.
  • Feb. 2017Cumulative amount of ‘Symbiotic Scholarship’ for part-time student workers and the children of franchisees exceeds KRW 10 billion won.
  • Apr. 2017Launches ‘Pig in the Garden’, a salad restaurant (1st store in Yeouido).
  • Jul. 2017SPC Samlip builds Fresh Food Factory (Cheongju Factory).
  • Sep. 2017‘SPC Play’ opens as a foodtainment space.
  • Sep. 2017SPC Samlip unveils new business identity (Samlip).
  • Nov. 2017Paris Baguette launches three stores in Singapore’s Changi Airport.
  • Nov. 2017Dunkin’ Donuts launches its first Coffee Forward store (Gangnam Square Store).
  • Jan. 2018Opens a food and beverage concession store in Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport.
  • Jun. 2018Total amount of social contribution (from 2000 onward) exceeds 100 billion won.
  • Mar. 2019A Paris Baguette factory built in Tianjin, China.
  • Apr. 2019SPC Group opens Shake Shack’s Jewel Changi store in Singapore.
  • Sep. 2019A joint venture created in Cambodia.
  • Nov. 2019SPC Group wins the ‘GRLC’ Best Partner Award as the first such instance in Korea.
  • Jul. 2020Eggslut COEX store opens.
  • 2021.01Launched Secta9ine
  • 2021.06Paris Baguette advanced to Cambodia (First store at Jumbong Kang Kong)

2014.07 Introduced the raw wheat of France first time in Korea((First store at Chatelet)

Korea had been a country that introduced bread and baking culture from
overseas, but it achieved the feat of advancing to Europe, the home of
bread when Paris Baguette advanced into Paris, France, as the first
instance for the South Korean bakery industry in July 2014. The French,
whose staple food is bread, had such high pride that even companies in
advanced countries like the United States and Japan failed on such missions.

Apr. 2016 The first in the food industry to discover and commercialize (as a product) native yeast for baking (SPC-SNU 70-1).

SPC Group discovered natural yeast for baking from traditional yeast
through eleven years of research and development. By releasing
twenty-seven products through Paris Baguette in April 2016, it succeeded
in its commercialization for the first time in Korea.
This was the fruit of Chairman Hur Young-in’s tenacity grounded on his
conviction that in order to have differentiated competitiveness in the
global market, it was necessary to possess the original technology
for yeast, a key element of bread.
Major daily newspapers and broadcasters evaluated it as a feat of the
Korean fermented food industry and reported it in a hurry, drawing great attention.

Jul. 2016 ‘Shake Shack’ launched in Korea (the first store in Gangnam).

SPC Group pioneered the South Korean fine casual market
by introducing Shake Shack, the famous American hamburger brand.
Fine casual is a new eating out trend unique to Shake Shack that combines
fresh ingredients and customer service and hospitality at the level of
a high-end restaurant with the reasonable price and convenience of fast food.
The US-based Shake Shack reportedly recognized SPC Group’s food technology,
quality control capabilities, and store operation know-how in reportedly selecting
SPC Group as a partner instead of other leading South Korean competitors.
Shake Shack’s Gangnam store, which opened in July 2016,
has garnered a lot of attention, as by becoming the No. 1 in global sales.