CEO Message - SPC

CEO Message

SPC Group will continue to bask in love from people around the world by pursuing health and happiness.

The path that SPC Group has walked is the history of challenge and innovation to make the happy world with our integrity. We have made a continuous effort for R&D to make the best products but also grown diverse brands of SPC Samlip, Paris Baguette, Baskin Robins, and Dunkin Donuts through differentiated marketing. We have advanced to the global markets in the U.S, China, France, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia and announced the excellence of bakeries in Korea to the world.
SPC Group plans to advance newly based on the performances and competency accumulated until now. By the year 2030, we are moving toward a vision to grow as “Great Food Company’ with 20 trillion won sales. SPC Group has perceived and led the change ahead of the era. We believe that our path will be an exciting challenge to shorten the time for happy world.
In addition, SPC Group will make the best effort to fulfill the social responsibility of the company. We have conducted diverse activities around SPC Happy Foundation and SPC Happy Volunteer Service. We have supported branches and franchises to grow together and helped part time students in stores to follow their dreams. Furthermore, we have actively fulfilled the ideology of sharing and coexistence for alienated neighbors in our society.
SPC Group will not stop challenging to become a global enterprise beloved by people in the world. Additionally, we will always deliver the best taste and joyful impression and make healthier and happier world.
Thank you

C.E.O Hur Young Inceo-sign