About the Foundation - SPC


We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

SPC Introduction of SPC Happy Foundation

With a creative challenging spirit and a warm heart,
SPC Happy Foundation is leading a happy change in individuals and
society to realize the spirit of Sangmidang.

To contribute to the welfare for the general public
by carrying out self-reliance, charity, and welfare projects
for disadvantaged and needy neighbors in our society.
toward a happy world

  • Charity
  • sharing
  • and participation

Three Major Tasks

Supporting the
Independence of the Disabled
Increasing quality jobs and
nurturing social enterprise

Talent DevelopmentDiscovering qualities and aptitude,
providing scholarships, and supporting
employment and entrepreneurship

Sharing & SymbiosisPromotion of social welfare
and participation of employees
and customers


Through bread sharing activities, we work to create jobs
for the vulnerable through bread and to help youths achieve their dreams.

Supporting the Independence of the Disabled

Happy Bakery Café
Creating jobs for the disabled
SPC & Soul
Happy Bakery Class
Bakery training for the disabled

Talent Development

SPC Happy Foundation
Providing scholarships for working college students
I Want to Be a Patissier
Supporting career experience, scholarship and entrepreneurship for children and youth

Sharing and Symbiosis

Local Community
Supporting employees’ volunteer work and traditional holiday events
Disabled People
SPC Happy FundRehabilitation therapy for disabled children
Happy Family TravelFamily travel for disabled children
Children & Youths
SPC Happy ShareSupporting crowd funding
SPC Happy Bread Sharing TruckProviding snack to local children’s centers
SPC Happy Birthday PartyOne-on-one sisterhood with local children’s centers Donating cakes and birthday parties
Providing Happy Points for undernourished children
Disasters and accidents
Emergency relief