Ethics Charter - SPC


We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

We will create new customer value and faithfully fulfill our responsibilities and obligations toward fair dealings with
business partners, the development of the country and local communities, and shareholders and employees.
We shall achieve fair work and transparent management in accordance with ethical values to improve international
competitiveness and become a top-notch company. Accordingly, the following Code of Ethics is
enacted and imprinted as a standard for all employees’ behavior and value judgment.

  • 1

    We will take pride in leading the Korean food industry, act with dignity, and reject any unethical behavior.

  • 2

    We will not undermine the company’s reputation or do anything that goes against our goals and interests in performing our duties.

  • 3

    We will take the lead in creating a corporate culture that is faithful to the principles and gets back to the basics by complying with all the company regulations.

  • 4

    We will eliminate waste and inefficiencies and seek maximum effectiveness at minimum cost.

  • 5

    We will not use the company’s money or assets for fraudulent or personal gain.

  • 6

    We will not receive, demand, promise, or provide any money, service, or entertainment in connection with our duties.

  • 7

    We will perform fairly in the allocation of work and evaluation of performance.

  • 8

    We will practice frugality and thrift in our daily life.

  • 9

    We will cooperate, respect each other, and take the initiative to create a bright work environment.