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We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

Happy Bread Trucks
in bread sharing

We operate dedicated vehicles for social contribution that deliver snacks directly to child welfare facilities across the country.

SPC Happy Bread Sharing Truck
SPC Happy Bread Sharing Trucks visit social welfare facilities across the country every day to deliver fresh and tasty bread. Currently, three bread sharing trucks are in operation, and by December 2020, about 1.93 million breads were delivered to 22,448 social welfare facilities.

SPC Happy
Birthday Party

It is a program that delivers happiness to children across the country with birthday cake gifts.

One-on-one sisterhood between our franchisees and children’s facilities
With the aim of donating birthday cakes to over 4,000 local children’s centers across the country each month, we have been forging one-on-one relationships with local children’s centers by receiving voluntary applications from franchisees since the second half of 2019. As of December 2020, 187 franchisees are participating in this activity in which the affiliated local children’s centers continue to receive cakes every month.
Happy Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Party supported birthday parties at 100 child welfare facilities every month from 2012 to 2020, and held a cake making class with Paris Baguette patissiers at one child welfare facility each month month. By 2020, we provided a total of 25,785 cakes to 8,981 children’s institutions nationwide.

Happy Share

This campaign discovers the underprivileged and supports them through partnership with the general public.

SPC Happy Share Campaign
It is an online social contribution activity that finds welfare blind spots and provides supports. Customers directly participate using the ‘Happy Point’ app to show their support by bringing community-wide publicity to many citizens.

Happy Point support
for children feared to skip meals during school breaks

Happy point support for meal-skipping children

Together with ChildFund Korea, we provide Happy Point Cards that can be used like cash for children who are feared to skip meals during school breaks. We support healthy growth by annually delivering Happy Points, which allow free use of SPC Group stores such as Paris Baguette, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Baskin Robbins, to children who are feared to skip meals during summer and winter school breaks. 100,000 Happy Points are provided per child, and 300,000 points are provided to each of the small child welfare facilities such as group homes. About 6,500 SPC Group stores are distributed across the country, so even children living in remote islands or mountainous areas can use them conveniently.

Happy Sharing Activities with Employees

SPC Happy Fund

SPC Group employees participate in Happy Fund by donating 1,000 won from their monthly salary. The raised fund is used for rehabilitation treatment, assistive devices, and medical expenses for children with disabilities through the Purme Foundation. From April 2012 to March 2020, about 1.6 billion won was donated to support 789 children with disabilities.

SPC Happy Family Jeju Trip

SPC Group supports a family trip program for children with disabilities every year to improve the emotional stability of children with disabilities and their families. From 2013 to 2019, SPC Group presented ten family trips to Jeju Island for 331 people (in 97 families) in all.

Happy Smile Day

SPC Group has signed agreements with eighteen volunteer organizations near its places of business and is participating in various volunteer activities, including regular volunteer activities, making kimchi for the disabled, and supporting leisure activities for the disabled. From 2012 to December 2020, we participated in social contribution activities for 173,375 hours.

Disaster Relief

SPC promptly provides meal replacements to the victims of national disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires.

Convenience foods such as bread and water are the first things that victims, volunteers and recovery workers need
at the sites of national disasters such as the flood in 2014, medical support for the MERS outbreak in 2015,
recovery support from typhoon Chapa in 2016, the Pohang earthquake in 2017, the flophouse villages affected
by heat waves in 2018, the Gangwon Province wildfires in 2019, and the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.
SPC Happy Foundation is a social contribution foundation of the SPC Group, the largest bakery company in Korea,
and is promptly donating a large amount of bread and water to affected areas. In addition,
we provide funds and supplies to places in need of social welfare supports.



loaves of bread donated



bottles of water donated


950million won



Employee Participation in Emergency Relief

SPC Happy Foundation, together with the SPC Group employees across the country, quickly moved to the affected areas and conducted various emergency relief activities. About 100 employees were dispatched to the site of the Pohang earthquake in 2017 to clean up the collapsed fences and provide amenities to the victims at shelters. In the summer of 2018, when the whole country suffered great hardship due to extreme heat waves, 12,000 bottles of water and 1,000 bags of ice were delivered to 1,000 households living in flophouse villages, the most vulnerable people..

Supplying Emergency Relief Goods

In March 2020 when Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province suffered difficulties due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, we provided a total of 600,000 loaves of bread or bottles of water through the Korean Red Cross for a month. Thanks to this, we were able to clear the difficulties that local medical staff, patients, and self-quarantining people faced due to food and beverage problems.

SPC Group Brands’ Social Contribution Activities

Paris Croissant
BR Korea
SPC Samlip

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Paris Baguette

Bread Sharing in Our Neighborhood Day

Paris Baguette is holding Bread Sharing in Our Neighborhood Day, which helps local communities and presents precious memories to our neighbors through cake making classes. It was held 577 times from 2011 to March 2020. Looking forward, Paris Baguette will continue to serve as a partner of the local community.

The Storey of Bread Sharing Day

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Pascucci Barista Academy

Pascucci is conducting barista’s coffee education by inviting to the Pascucci training center persons who have disabilities but dream of becoming a barista. Coffee training is conducted by baristas of Pascucci. The training was conducted for 145 people in 23 sessions from 2014 to March 2020..

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Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice Happy Smoothie Class

Jamba Juice invites baristas with disabilities to the Jamba Juice training center and provides hands-on training on beverages sold in stores, such as smoothies and hot juices. The smoothie class with delightful instructors has been implemented in 11 sessions since 2014 to educate 71 students..

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Happy Bakery & Cafe Coffee Education

Dunkin’ Donuts provides a class in coffee brewing and coffee knowledge for new employees of Happy Bakery & Café,
a café operated by the disabled.

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Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Pink Car Sharing

Baskin Robbins Pink Car visits children’s welfare facilities in mountainous areas to share ice cream.

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Baskin Robbins and Dunkin

Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts Christmas Party

Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts present warm memories to children with ice cream cakes and donuts through an annual Christmas party.

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SPC Samlip

Food Sharing DAY

SPC Samlip continues to engage in its volunteer work and bread haring for local communities. Especially in winter, we deliver warm food to low-income seniors in our area.

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Happy First Birthday Party with Bizeun

SPC Samlip’s rice cake brand Bizeun is trying to create unforgettable memories for children by holding a first birthday party at childcare facilities.